Monday, March 5, 2012

Do You Have a Godly Fire?

Do you have a Godly fire in you to tell someone that they are the root problem in your life?

Do you remember when:

Ahab told Elijah that he was a problem? But Elijah, fire back with remembering the Lord before he spoke or self judged Ahab. 1 Kings 18

We do not have to offend each other to say someone is a problem in our lives.

If someone in your life has two opinions- The Lord or The World and they are trying to serve both, Will you let them know they are the root problem and separate yourself from them? 

Another Example and Question to look at: 

When trouble comes your way with family or friends, Do you pray for God to show you who is the problem? As the Men on the boat did with Jonah during a storm. Everyone has a responsibility to God so when God comes to us with an order, We must keep his word and obey the commandments.  Jonah thought he could out run God and after all was done at the end, Jonah still had to fulfill his duties to God.  Jonah 1:1-15

~Your oil is the Word of God so before your oil can work, you have to spend time with God~ 
Pastor Don Leavell 
Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship 

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