Monday, March 15, 2010

Guaifenesin/ Fibromyalgia


I have been taking Guaifenesin, for the last two weeks for my fibromyalgia. My dosage is 600 mg twice a day. I am starting to feel a lot better with a few hrs of pain relieve. The treatment can’t not work without reading the book, “ What the doctors don’t want you to know about Fibromyalgia”. The book will explain the protocol treatment and procedures to take.Also, information can be found at

  I am currently still testing gauaifenesin to see if I will continue on with the treatment for months. If you are looking for a 100 or 500 ct in Mucinex 600mg, you can go to amount is between 23.99-25.99.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a beautiful weekend!

Two Days in a row it has been hot and sunny!!! I mean simply beautiful and 80 degrees.....Friday, I got all my weeds pulled out my garden even through they will come back because my neighbor seems to lacking on his Grass Cutting Skills lol Really can't believe that my garden is growing wonderfully without much help required of me. God is trully amazing!!! Friday evening I went out with friends and their children to see Alice in Wonderland....really wasn't all that great but I enjoyed myself....
 Saturday....hmmmmm What a slow start lol I took my sleeping pills ( Lunesta) bummer they worked like two hrs before the Calvary Church Conference .  But that evening I made great progress lol I got a summer foundation with a nice matte finish  and they off to visit my Sadia!!! It is good to be around ppl my age and can relate Yayy Sadia and I stay up till 4am lol what was we thinking. Well I haven't been to sleep and church will be starting soon sooooo I guess that means off the computer and tackle this hair of mines. Well enjoy your Sunday with the Lord...