Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thoughts Of A Fibro Queen: Humbling myself in the middle of Chaos!

    Another winter day of Fibromyalgia, my shoulders and hands are killing me right now! But I would like to thank the Lord, for all that he does for me!! I was awakened by a barrier that would effect my whole week if i let it. I can admit that I was in shock and drained for the chaos but I decided that I am going to win over something today. lol So chaos hit the road!

     This is my last week of class for the 2010, Yayyyy, I need a break for some much need rest for this dreadful flare that has been around for 2 1/2 weeks. The pain has been in many locations threw out my body and with all the swollening the only shoes I can comfortably wear are UGG's or a similiar style. So I guess it's time to start takin my water pills and intaking more water unless its just stress of school that's the root of this flare. But I will let you guys know.

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