Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's that time again with Fibromyalgia not being on my side!!! My Rambling moments

     I absolutely hate winter!!! The cold makes  my body stop functioning properly. Its 66 degrees here in Houston and I am complaining it just deadly cold lol and my family and friends are in colder temperatures. I have been in Houston since July 16th and I must say that people don't mind their own damn business! If I would like to go outside with a sweater, boots, and a throw over my shoulders that my business not theirs. I am feeling frustrating because of the pain and the swelling, the chilly days and people looking at me as if I am a damn fool but they don't know my struggle everyday, and the fact I am struggling as a full time student to finish my Masters in Social Work.

     Living in this big city is so much wear and tear on body that it crashes alot with more muscle spasms and poor circulation from being so severally fatigued. This is causing me to miss classes and not attend to my home and family.Thank God that he stays with me cus I can just climb in bed stay for days which That would cause nothing to get done and my energy level is so Low that I don't care right now..... This fibro will ruin more time to get things done for me in the winter. I hate to sound a complainer and nothing is never right but I  cant help it something from pain and mood swings. Family and Friends pls forgive me...No one knows but fibro patients on how its hard to plan your days by the weather even if it hot but A/C is running in your favorite restaurants, movies, or a nice walk in the park or how ppl dnt wanna know how your are feeling but how cool it is to not work!!! I wish that I could be pain free and go back to the Navy, Do lots of Yoga, Dancing, Shopping in the winter!!!! But I am stuck with this stupid pain but surrounded by loving ppl that i can't hug tightly.

Final exams for classes are coming up So Lord I ask for strength and endure to do my footwork for you and knowledge to pass my test. Thank You Lord for being a healer and I know one day that my healing process will start soon....I praise your Holy Name With Every Strength in my body because you are Lord!!!! Amen

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